Micron stops production of Crucial Ballistix memory

Micron Crucial Ballistix memory
Micron Crucial Ballistix memory

Iconic memory sequence is end-of-life; Crucial continues to exist

By press release, memory manufacturer Micron has announced that it will put an end to the Ballistix series of subsidiary brand Crucial. A clear reason was not given.

Declaring the ‘end-of-life’ applies to all Ballistix products, including Ballistix Max and the RGB variants. Under the Crucial banner, Ballistix was often known as a high-end option for gamers and demanding hardware enthusiasts, such as avid overclockers.

Micron specifies that despite the end of Ballistix, Crucial as a brand will continue to exist — albeit now without a clear gaming component. For the time being, the manufacturer is prioritizing the production of DDR5 memory for both consumers and server customers, with a growing share of (external) SSD storage.

Micron Ballistix crucial memory

Micron has already released a handful of its own DDR5 memory modules with Crucial, but Ballistix never made the switch to the new interface. However, Vice President Teresa Kelley assures that Crucial’s new DDR5 memory “offers mainstream gamers more performance, data transfers, and bandwidth than was ever possible with Crucial Ballistix memory”.

Until recently, Micron was able to set no less than five DDR4 world records for the fastest working memory with Ballistix. In the meantime, that legacy seems to have been outsourced to other parties, such as recently a DDR5 world record for G.Skill.