Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, the leaker admits the rumor was false

The Real Insider threw in the towel, confirming that they made up the recent rumors.

Well yes, in these hours on the web a rather important fact has happened for all video game enthusiasts interested in leak and rumorsand collateral also a silent Hill And Metal Gear Solidtitles that in fact in recent months have ended up at the center of indiscretions on several occasions.

The leaker who shared the recent Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill rumor admitted he made it all up

And returning to the news, we report how in the past few hours the famous insider The Real Insider has been officially unmasked, with fans discovering that behind this mysterious Twitter account there was none other than the YouTuber Dan Allen.

For those who missed the matter, the good Allen when commenting a user’s post has wrong accountsharing his answer directly with that personal instead of with the fictitious one, an error that obviously was immediately noticed by the fans despite the practically immediate removal of the twitter in question.

Our then essentially shared information received in advance from publishers, despite having signed a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), while the other rumors he shared were in fact totally inventedsuch as those concerning the remake from Metal Gear Solid and the return to the market of silent Hill.

In summary The Real Insider had shared correct information on Forspoken and on the new chapters of Assassin’s Creedthanks to the information he had obtained in advance from the publishers themselves, all trying to attract even more attention by inventing rumors from scratch based on the indiscretions of third parties, as for example in the case of Metal Gear Solid And silent Hilltherefore without having their own sources about it.