Metal Gear Solid 4, revealed the reasons for the non-porting for Xbox 360

A new book dedicated to video games has shed some light on this!

In these hours a new interesting information is circulating on the net about the failed porting of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots for Xbox 360a title that in fact we remember being left exclusively on PlayStation 3 until today.

In fact, according to The Ultimate History of Video Games, Volume 2: Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and the Billion-Dollar Battle to Shape Modern Gamingthe fourth installment of the series starring Old Snake did not remain exclusive to PS3 because there was an exclusive agreement between Sony And Konamias many believed, but for other reasons.

The book of Steven L. Kentdedicated to the definitive history of video games, underlined a quote from the former boss of PlayStation, Jack Trettonwhich stated how Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots it were “exclusive to PS3“Due to an agreement between Sony And Konamibut in reality things are not exactly like that.

That’s why Metal Gear Solid 4 hasn’t landed on Xbox 360 as well

This is because the above book also contains an interview with a former developer of Kojima Productions, Ryan Paytonin which the developer states that the staff of Konami was not at all in favor of porting Metal Gear Solid 4 up Xbox 360due to its hardware considered “inferior” rearrangement to that of the competition.

The developer in question also reveals that the port was not released due to the Xbox 360 based on DVD of lower quality than that of Blu Ray from PlayStation 3with Sony which he authorized Konami to throw Metal Gear Solid 4 even on two Blu-Ray discs, the first game to do so, while the eventual porting of the game on Xbox 360 it would have required many more discs.

Payton also revealed that Microsoft he even petitioned a Hideo Kojima to bring the game up Xbox 360 through some brochures issued atE3. And at the end of this article it is good to confirm that no, the fourth installment of the series has not landed on 360 due to an exclusivity agreement signed between Sony And Konamibut simply for a technical matter.