Medieval Dynasty: Hotfix v1.2.0.1 released

Medieval Dynasty

The Poles from the Render Cube studio continue to polish their project, correcting game flaws. A hotfix v1.2.0.1 has been released, making changes to Medieval Dynasty such as:

  • Now livestock breeders will not bypass animals, as was previously the case in some cases;
  • Classified areas at a distance from the barn;
  • NPCs will no longer block windmill wings
  • Saves will work normally in a game with a large number of fields and gardens;
  • Hitting a windmill building now resembles a knock on a wooden structure (as it should have)
  • Colliders* for hat items;
  • Colliders* for silk shawl

Colliders are an invisible grid that defines the boundaries of a rigid body. The collider is attached to an object and is needed to calculate collisions with other objects, as well as to give various effects when objects collide or rub (interact with surrounding objects).