Marvel Snap, an expensive offer creates havoc among fans

The developers of Marvel Snapfree-to-play strategy title available for iOS, android And Microsoft Windowshave decided to offer users an offer rich in content, but judged too expensive by the players themselves, who have externalized through Reddit all your dissent.

Inb4 $100!? from Marvel Snap

In the section Reddit dedicated Marvel Snapusers have posted an image that portrays all the content included in the promotion, i.e. a Special card3000 tokens, 9500 game credits and 155 Apocalypse Boosters. The package offer can be purchased for 7500 play coins, which is equivalent to 100 real dollars. This has created quite a few doubts in the community, because although the offer is attractive for fans, it has been judged too expensive.

“Could people really buy such a thing? It seems absurd to me,” commented one user Reddit. “I may have all the money in the world, but if I had to spend $100 on video games, I’d buy 4 indie games or 3 AAA games during sales Steam” replied another peremptorily. There is also a slice of gamers Marvel Snap who, on the contrary, considers the offer convenient, also thanks to the possibility of purchasing the bundle using the game credits accumulated up to now, thus managing to spend much less real money, or even zero in the best possible case.