Marvel MMORPG canceled: publisher’s explanation

The Marvel MMORPG has been canceled, the news comes from the publisher of the upcoming game, who gave his explanation during the call with investors for the end of Q1. In fact, Enad Global 7 explained that the game in the hands of Daybreak Games will never come out.

There motivation that prompted the publisher not releasing the title dedicated to Marvel superheroes simply concerns the risk associated with such a large investment. Yes, because it is about 50 million dollars for a single project. So they have canceled the Marvel MMORPG in order to diversify investments in smaller projects linked to IPs already owned.

The company will now focus on smaller projects, not counting more successful updates, such as The Lord of Rings Online and DC Universe Online, not to mention that it is possible to create new games with first parties.

As this is a long-term investment, the change made to the Marvel project will not have a short or medium-term impact in terms of revenue and profits.

The game was in development by Dimensional Ink, the studio led by Jack Emmert, who then decided to leave the company to join NetEase as the head of the new American studio Jackalope Games. According to rumors, the abandonment of Emmert is closely related to the cancellation of the Marvel project.

So, if you like superheroes, at the moment you can only and exclusively play DC Universe Online, a title available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. But if you prefer the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unfortunately the game will never come out. Although it must also be said that the titles dedicated to Marvel superheroes are not lacking: between the adventures of Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and the next release dedicated to Wolverine, fans can really have fun living unique adventures.