Marvel also proposed to Microsoft to develop its games but refused

The former vice president of Marvel Games revealed that he proposed developing their games at Microsoft as well

As can be seen in the book Ultimate History of Video Games volume 2the former vice president of Marvel Games revealed that in the 2014 also proposed to Microsoft (and not only a Sony) to work on the development of their games, but the US giant he refused the offer.

It is a statement that certainly has something sensational and that few, perhaps, expected. As we know, in fact, the games were then entrusted to Sony and its development studies. As it happened for Marvel’s Spider-Man who sold more than 20 million copies all over the world and revealing themselves one of the most successful PlayStation exclusives.

Marvel Games’ Jay Ong has made some shocking statements

The former vice president was hired to investigate why the company was able to have such great success with film adaptations dedicated to superheroes Marvelbut could not have the same results in the video game industry.

“What they needed was a partner who didn’t adopt a renounce mentality for licensed games, a company with a particular eye for long-term investments, with interests that would benefit from building a franchise. This partner should have had a wealth of talent, a commitment to quality and a lot of resources. There were three companies that matched that description but one of them, Nintendo, developed games almost exclusively based on its intellectual property. “

These are the statements of Jay Ongwho then went on to speak on the matter by releasing more information about it:

“Having had a background in the field of first party for consoles, I got in contact with both the other two companies, Xbox and PlayStation, telling them ‘We don’t have any big contracts at the moment – what would you like to do?’ However, Microsoft’s strategy was also focused on their intellectual property, and so they refused. ”

So in August 2014 in Burbank I sat down with two PlayStation executives from the third party division, Adam Boyes and John Drake. I said: ‘We have a dream and we believe it is possible, that we can beat Batman: Arkham and have a great game or maybe a series of games that can contribute to the sales of your platform.’ Boyes, Drake, Connie Booth and Scott Rohde offered to make an exclusive Triple A PlayStation dedicated to Spider-Man. “