Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

We from Game-Experience we had the pleasure of previewing Mario Strikers: Battle League Football up Nintendo Switch, the new football-themed title dedicated to the mustachioed plumber from Nintendo. After his debut in the world of football with Mario Smash Football up GameCube way back in 2005 and the following Mario Strikers Charged Football for Wiithe multifaceted Mario is ready to take on the role of the purebred bomber once again in this pyrotechnic signed title Next Level Games. Thanks to the invitation from Nintendo we can therefore tell you about our first kicks at the ball while waiting for the next official release June 10 on Switch. Here are our very first hot impressions!

Technical-tactical revolution

At the suggestion of the staff in charge of illustrating the main features of this new one Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, we faced the full-bodied tutorial that introduces the mechanics of the game, some well known to fans of the series, others instead completely new. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football greatly expands the offering in terms of gameplay compared to the past by introducing many more moves and many more moves that make it a real one FIFA (or better, EA FC) in miniature revisited, as always, in key party game.

For the uninitiated, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is mainly inspired by Futsalor 5-a-side football, all obviously in the usual Nintendo style visible in the spectacular super shots and in the comic situations typical of the world of Mario. Already from the first lessons, however, it is evident how Nintendo wanted to press the accelerator and give greater depth to the gameplay through some precautions that, especially in terms of competitivewill make the title even more attractive than in the past.

Super Shots

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, while retaining a purely spirit arcadeis enriched with numerous techniques such as through passages, cross, dribblingslip to the limits of legality and, of course, Super Tirthe beyond the laws of physics capable of breaking through the network in full style Captain Tsubasa. Mastering the key layout is not easy at all, but it will allow you to dominate your opponents and thus score as many goals as possible on the scoreboard.

Each single technique also has its own version Perfect achievable by pressing or releasing the dedicated key with some timing. The Perfect techniques will therefore be more powerful and effective than the normal ones, thus doubling the number of moves to show off in the game. We would therefore like to strongly advise you to dedicate time to tutorial before taking the field once Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has reached the shelves in order to discover all the facets of its gameplay as we did in this test.

Football yes, but in the manner of Mario


Of course, the party and light-hearted component typical of video game series linked to the name of Mario could not be missing. For example the players, in addition to composing their own team with the cast of Mario’s titles, he will be able to choose the style of his own half which, combined with that of the opponent, will give rise to a ramshackle and different stadium for each game. The iconic players make the games more chaotic blocks with the question mark, also present in this football reincarnation of platform Nintendo console symbol.

Once you touch the block you will get a tool to use in the game, such as peels bananas giants, the evergreens shells and the very dangerous ones Bob-Ombe. Forget fair play and good manners, in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football there is a lot to do with it in any way without the risk of being expelled. A gameplay hectic and fun that naturally finds its apex in matches against other players, online but also in localas far as 8 players on the same console. Fortunately, even in the case of games with fewer players, the CPU she has always seemed reactive and credible to us, especially as regards the goalkeepers, the only role that cannot be controlled by the player.

Game after game you will collect coinsuseful to spend in the shop to grab as many accessories and components to enhance yours roster of footballers. In fact, each character in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has very specific initial characteristics that differentiate them in speed, power and resistance. We certainly expect a lot in terms of contents, on which at the moment we can assume the presence of Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Wario, Rosalinda, Waluigi And Bowser.

The SuperLega of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football


It is not certain if Nintendo will expand the offer of the game through free updates or DLC, it is certain that Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will focus a lot on the online multiplayer component. The modality Club Strikers in fact, it will allow a maximum of 20 “strikers” to create their own league where they can compete against other clubs and earn the points needed to climb the rankings season per season. Good signs also on the technical front: Mario Strikers: Battle League Football it seemed to us to be really performing as well as beautiful to look at, especially as regards the spectacular ones cutscene that accompany the daring Super Tiri.

The premises are there, the desire to return to the football field less realistic but more chaotic and fun than the world of videogames too, we just have to wait for the next one June 10!