Margot Robbie mortified for some embarrassing paparazzi shots

When the photos from the upcoming Barbie movie were leaked earlier this year; There have been several fans eager to see the character of Margot Robbie. The actress has finally talked about the film. You said of aI felt some discomfort during some work sessions after the publication of unauthorized photos by the tabloids. The first photos from the set date back to April 2022. It was a simple advertising image. Later, over the next few weeks, a second one has arrived starring Ryan Gosling who will join her in the film as Ken. The two could get back together on the set for an upcoming chapter of Ocean’s.

During an interview with The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonMargot Robbie spoke about the photos with Ryan Gosling leaked from the set of Barbie:You can’t understand how mortified we were. It felt like we were laughing and having fun, but inside we were dying. I was thinking that this was the most humiliating moment of my life“.

The actress said she was surprised by the attention she received: “I knew we were going to shoot in Los Angeles and some paparazzi would pop up. I expected there would be some attention. Probably some photos would have been published but not how it happened. It was insane. After those photos came out, hundreds of people came to the set every day. It was as if hundreds of people were watching us all the time“. The live action film Barbie is expected in US theaters on July 21, 2023.


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Source: Youtube