Marco Romano, a special intern who is learning the trade as a videogame editor

Today our special intern Marco Romano, where special does not refer to his condition, but to the determination and will that he puts into improving himself. Today he tells us a little about him and how his enormous passion for the videogame world is helping him to overcome the limits imposed by his condition. Happy reading to all, because it can truly be an example for many.

Alessandro Rulli

Letter for readers

Hello everyone, my name is Marco Romano, born in 1991.

I am a video game enthusiast who has embarked on this wonderful editorial industry that I am learning methods like writing articles including reviews, news and much more so that it can become an actual job as well. I suffer with disability Spectrum Autism DSM-V Mild mental retardation that thanks to video games I improve reading and writing.

How was this passion for videogame writing born?

From magazines my videogame passion starts in the years 2004 and 2005 when there were paper newspapers. In the days of SKY there was a TV channel dedicated to video games which was made by Halifax, it was called GAME NETWORK, and in the past it was they who brought video games to televisions with various interviews, show floors and much more, and I still remember the label with the game CASTLEVANIA The Lament of Innocent for PS2 was the game network badge.

Channels 816 and 817 and the electronics shows were those of E3 2003 and TOKYO GAME SHOW, CES and much more. What.

My passion as a blogger was born on this, telling for me is a therapeutic form because of writing one’s passion and sharing it with others by telling the various experiences on this type of digital art.

And share it, together with all of you and give a good message about the videogame world in order to pass on to future generations, and for those suffering from disabilities this type of blog that I am doing is therapeutic because it is also a way to improve between one and the other but it is a good way to keep an open mind with users and also a way to learn more about e study the various topics of today’s society today.

Disable player

I started in 2020, the first software house, to give me the guidelines was Nintendo, who explained the concept of embargoes to me and what it means, being an independent blogger that I was initially, and I was new to the industry, and then various editors and PR.

They gave me the foundations to start, on this wonderful journey how to share, the news on the world of video games as a beginning. March 2021 which was the beginning of everything for me, the first software house that was given the first code review at DayOne was Koch Media the game Persona 5 Strikers for PC. And it was my first triple A.

I started reviewing other wonderful video games, but then in April the great thing happened to me that the division Sony Interactive Italia called me to meet me and explained their journey to me on how it works in their industry and always in that month Microsoft sent me a first gamewhich I have reviewed for them, Ori And The Will Of the Wisp a beautiful Indie masterpiece, and then from there a collaboration was born to use their own X-CLOUD platform that I got to experience the Cloud Gaming platform, then Activision with Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time and Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

In the summer of 2021, the first collaboration with GOOGLE and Nvidia through their platform called Stadia, Geforce Now who has had the opportunity to review Cloud Gaming and test its full potential, and at the same time have sent me some excellent Potential titles that are very valid for playing in Cloud Gaming.

Winter 2021, When I got the Nintendo Switch, I got to review many video games among the first was SUPER MARIO SUPERSTAR, SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI V, BIG BRAIN ACCADEMY, MARIO ODISSEY, ZELDA, Pokémon and many others e with heart I mainly thank for the support from that moment a beautiful collaboration friendship was born and I really respect this software house.

And in the first months of 2022 and now I have reviewed many Nintendo video games also that I received at DayOne between Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus, Kirby is the lost land, Chocobo GP and finally MARIO STRIKERS Battle League and I will continue.

The present

Now I joined as an intern on this wonderful videogame magazine

I got involved with my blog for almost two years, and in the end I started sending my pieces to the newspapers with no response.and finally a door opened in front of me and I tried in this editorial office and you welcomed me and I wish very much to improve and I deeply thank with all my heart a thank you for Alessandro Rulli and all the iCrewPlay staff who allowed me to be the intern to learn this wonderful sector.


The intern Marco Romano