Marathon: The Destiny makers announce a new shooter

Bungie has a new iron in the fire. The Destiny makers announced a new extraction shooter called Maratho at the Playstation Showcase.

Destiny fans may not always be happy with Bungie’s decisions, but one thing can be attested to the studio: Destiny 2’s gunplay is still outstanding. It is all the more exciting that Bungie has now announced a new extraction shooter on the Playstation Showcase. Bungie is going back to basics with Marathon, as the studio developed a shooter trilogy of the same name long before Halo.

What Bungie doesn’t have yet is a date for the game, which appears to be relatively early in development. What is certain, however, is that Marathon will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The title should also have full cross-play and cross-save. Despite the takeover by Sony, Bungie remains true to the statement that it will continue to be active as a multi-platform developer.

Marathon is a PvP extraction shooter, i.e. you compete with other players for resources and riches on the planet Tau Ceti IV. Solo or in teams of three, you explore the planet as a so-called runner, beat each other with AI opponents and other players. As usual, it comes down to extracting your looted riches so you can invest all that stuff into your character.

Bungie wants to ensure that players have a variety of strategic choices, both in terms of available gear and their gear, and on the ground in terms of tactical options, entry and exit points, and so on. Bungie also wants to make sure that game mechanics and gameplay elements are easy to understand and intuitive, so that the focus is on having fun. However, the game and game world should also have narrative elements in order to make Tau Ceti IV a credible, persistent and evolving scenario.

Let’s see when there will be more information about the game, for now we definitely have the announcement trailer for you:

Marathon – Announcement trailer for Bungie’s extraction shooter

Bungie, developer of Destiny 2, has announced a new extraction shooter called Marathon.

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