“mail scam in our name, do not open them”. It is the team founded by the father of Silent Hill

Bokeh Game Studio, the new company founded by Keiichiro Toyama, has reported the presence of numerous spam emails in its name. In fact, the software house has confirmed that several companies have received emails where the team founded by the father of Silent Hill “choose” someone to promote their game.

“We have been made aware of numerous emails sent to various individuals and companies stating that they have been ‘chosen’ to promote our game. Obviously we didn’t do it and we are not arrogant enough to tell someone that we have been ‘chosen’”explains Bokeh Game Studio, then inviting their followers to report these emails as spam.

Furthermore, the software house has clarified that these emails could contain viruses that prompt the user to visit certain sites and possibly enter their credentials. “These people they send out virus-laden emails and trick people into clicking on URLs that aren’t related to us. Please don’t open them“, the company repeats. Forewarned is forearmed. Similar problems had also been reported in the past by other studies. In 2020 it was the turn of CD Projekt RED just before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Capcom also faced a similar problem in 2021, before the launch of Resident Evil Village. At the beginning of 2022, however, it was the turn of Blue Box Game Studio, the infamous name behind Abandoned.


In any case, remember that Bokeh Game Studio was founded almost 2 years ago by Keiichiro Toyama, author of Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren and Gravity Rush. The team is working on a new one horror game presented at The Game Awards 2021, Siltterheaddirected by Keiichiro Toyama himself.

Speaking of Silent Hill, however, we remind you that several projects are in the works. The first is Silent Hill 2 Remake, developed by Bloober Team storm exclusive for PlayStation 5 and PC and that it will have to be very faithful to the original, for Konami. To him followed by Silent Hill F, developed by Neobards Entertainment and written by Ryūkishi07, well-known Japanese visual novel author. It will be set in 1960s Japan. The third is Silent Hill: Townfall, produced by Annapurna Interactive. These will then be followed by a interactive live project called Silent Hill Ascension.

Source: Twitter