Mafia 4 could be set in Sicily

It seems that in the last few hours most disparate rumors chase each other without hesitation, and one of them is about the future of the series Mafia. Already a few days ago we reported how Hangar 13 would be working on a prequel to the first chapter and to provide further substance to this indiscretion he thought about it Nick Baker from Xbox It was. In a recent episode of his podcast, Baker revealed that he heard how Sicily would be the backdrop to Mafia 4. The historical period would be that between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the events would see at their center the figure of Don Salierihead of the family for which Tommy Angelo finds himself working in the first chapter.

Nick Baker’s source would also have provided him with information on Mafia 4’s structure, suggesting a more linear approach and less open world-oriented. As usual, when it comes to unconfirmed rumors it is always better to nurture a bit of healthy skepticism, but Nick Baker has generally proved to be reliable and we must admit that we don’t mind the idea of ​​seeing Sicily in the early twentieth century.