Love and Thunder, the second trailer is officially presented

The second trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder had been expected for days, and as he was able to confirm Chris Hemsworth itself, this arrived today, as you can see on the cover of the article.

We are talking specifically about a new movie of the film that will be able to reach theaters around the world during the month of July, and that will allow users to discover more details about the historic hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universetogether with the mighty Thor ready to renew itself with new contents.

The second trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder was in fact preceded by a first presentation video which, as we have had the opportunity to deepen in the article you find at this link, was presented with many details about what the characters will have wait from adventures of the God of Thunder and Jane Fosterready to be reborn under a new role in this universe.

The new video content has in fact done nothing but show more action-packed details about the new film, certainly one of the most important of the year for what concerns the Marvel universe after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has arrived. in theaters (at this link our review of the film).

It seems that in the cast we will be able to admire the presence of the son of Chrim Hemsworthwhich he should in fact impersonate his own Baby Thor. Find all the details on this sweet possible detail in the following article.

Furthermore, according to a recent theory, it seems that the arrival of the series Moon Knight on Disney + has only anticipated a prominent character which we will see in the new film to be released in July, which may have in fact reconstructed the famous hero’s hammer. Find all the details on the issue at this link.