Loop Hero on offer on Eneba

Loop Hero is a really cool titlewhich takes the classic loop typical of roguelikes and reduces it to its minimum terms, presenting the player with a loop, in fact, to be faced lap after lap. As you can read from our review, then, the title is really great and is perfect for all fans of the genre.

If you have yet to try Loop Hero firsthand, then you can take advantage of this offer from Enebawhich places it at only 5,28 Euros. A great outlay, given that we are talking about a potentially infinite experience.

Why play Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a roguelite that bases all its charm on a real loop, not only in the game structure, but also during the games themselves. In fact, each run takes place in a kind of randomly generated ring, where the first enemies are found, puddings. After defeating this threat, however, cards will be added to our inventorywhich will allow us to continue.

Loop Hero steam

In fact, each card represents a zone, which will often cause enemies to spawn on the loop or give the hero some advantages. It’s up to us to build the dungeon, finding a balance between obstacles and advantages: placing too many monsters will lead the protagonist to a quick death but, on the contrary, putting too few will mean not getting enough experience points.