London Studio knocks a beat and hires, they work on a new IP

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London Studios are still operational. Having gone under the radar for some time – after the release of Blood and Truth for PlayStation VR – they could now move on to other projects for PlayStation 5. According to a job announcement, posted on the official website, London Studio is looking for a Narrative Designer that can remain in the organic in a stable plant. With the announcement, London Studio also hints at what they have in mind for PlayStation 5.

The information that seems to be leaking is that it could be a new IP, probably with fantasy elements. In the announcement, specific reference is made to characters who will use magic. Another important fact is that the studio could be at work or on a series or on a GaaS destined to last over time. The latter hypothesis could be the most accredited given that the ad opens just by referring to the online multiplayer game mode. Further references to this possibility were disclosed in the course of 2021 and 2020.

For London Studio this would be the first real approach to PlayStation 5. The team is the result of the merger of two different studios, is based in Soho – a district of London – and has developed a flood of titles over time. The most important name to associate with London Studio is certainly that of The Gateway, but not only. To them, for example, we owe all the Sing Star series and, more generally, several games that made extensive use of input devices such as PlayStation Move and PlayStation Camera. More recently, their name has been linked to an elusive The Gateway 3. A project of which all traces have then been completely lost.


The curiosity is obviously a lot. Do you have any predictions on this?

Source: London Studio