LoL Esports and Lil Nas X present the 2022 World Cup anthem “STAR WALKIN”

Let’s find out the background on this collaboration together

The president of League of Legends Lil Nas X And LoL Esports are ready to unveil the highly anticipated anthem of this year’s World Championship: “STAR WALKIN“. Composed of Lil Nas XSTAR WALKIN“Is a new interpretation of the World Cup anthem, which introduces the influence of modern hip hop to the song by celebrating fans and professional players of the eSports of LoL.

LoL Esports and Lil Nas X join forces for the anthem of the 2022 World Cup

“We wanted this year’s World Cup anthem to have a special North American flair and fully embody the ‘The Suns and the Only’ brand in all its bold individuality. And who better than Lil Nas X can represent this idea? Lil Nas X took our vision and took it to the next level. “STAR WALKIN” perfectly captures the tireless competitive drive that animates our professionals, the ardent desire to conquer their place in history and reach the stars.

It is the essence of every pro player’s journey to the World Cup final and the moment when he will lift the coveted Summoner’s Cup. There are always very high expectations on the World Cup anthem. The song must motivate the pros, ignite the fans and prepare a live audience of thousands, and remotely millions, of spectators for the show of the final match of the tournament. And I can say with certainty that STAR WALKIN succeeds perfectly. “

The video that you will find at the bottom of this news shows the most iconic symbols of San Francisco, destination of the World Cup final, and the professional players of League of Legends past and present. The environment transforms as the protagonists move around the city, highlighting the special place sport occupies in our culture and the mastery of each professional player who leaves a mark on the world. You’ll find an easter egg in just about every shot, from references to regional leagues to giant champions turned into mechs and amusing anecdotes about eSports pros at LoL.