Live A Live shows itself in three new trailers!

Initially released in 1994 on SNES, the Square Enix branded JRPG Live A Live is ready to return to Nintendo Switch next time July 22nd as announced during the Nintendo Direct in February, for the first time the historic title will cross the Japanese soil to also land in the rest of the world! This re-edition will also present many exclusive features that will put it in step with the most modern exponents of the genre.

In particular, Square Enix re-proposes the acclaimed 2D-HD graphics which featured on the Nintendo Switch titles of the caliber of Octopath Traveler And Triangle Strategy. But under a graphics that is proving to be nothing short of apt for productions of this type on the hybrid from Nintendo, a beating heart also beats and made of a rich and articulated plot! The original Live A Live indeed presented well seven timelines in which an articulated story was developed and destined to cross different eras, after releasing the first two trailers, the big N presents us another three, to say the least intriguing!

Live A Live – The Wild West, the Wanderer

The first trailer of this new trio shows us Sundown the Kid, an Old West outlaw with a bounty hanging over his head! The protagonist of this timeline, however, does not want to accept this reality, and he is in search of the truth to redeem your name and free yourself from bounty; the bounty hunter will be his nemesis Mad Dogwho will escape between the two?

Live a Live – The sunset of Japan Edo, The infiltrator

Oboromaru is a prodigious ninja, stealthy and silent will have to infiltrate the castle to free a mysterious prisoner on which the fate of Japan’s future depends! To do so, he will have to defeat an entire army of samurai, will he be up to it?

Live A Live – The near future, The Stranger

Akira is an orphan endowed with mysterious and incredible powers that along his way he will meet a bizarre outlaw it’s a turtle … robotics?! The fate of all humanity will depend on this ramshackle group, the three will have to foil a plot that could jeopardize the future itself!

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