Lightyear: The real story of Buzz

Cinema has always been a window on the world of dreams: stories, anecdotes, facts and pure inventions follow one another in a kaleidoscope of images, sounds and music. Lightyear: The real story of Buzzof which you are reading the review, is part of the branch of fantasy, an adventure in complete digital animation, signed by the masters of Disney and Pixar entrusted to the skilled hands of the director Angus MacLaneformer director of success Finding Dory, as well as animator and artist “since birth” of the whole brand from which the film in question is based, Toy Story precisely. Fantasy, as we said, is a branch, an offshoot of what could be a reality and for a while it allows us to hover on the wings of a world that is not exactly ours but that vibrates at the same frequency: slightly deviate from everyday life. , made up of duties and responsibilities. The Space Ranger journey begins.

Space Ranger

Back in 1995 a little boy named Andy received a puppet that depicted his space hero: Buzz Lightyear! The little boy lived immense adventures next to that toy (and we with him) but one wonders: why was Buzz such a beloved hero? Well the answer is in Lightyear – The real story of Buzz, which tells the adventures of what would go from being a Space Ranger to an interplanetary hero. What we see at the cinema is none other than the same film that Andy saw, most likely on celluloid support – or VHS – on the sofa of his house and let’s face it: we all felt like that little boy, while the imagination galloped and accompanied us into space. unknown along with Buzz e Alisha Hawthorne (the other Space Ranger, our hero’s inseparable colleague).

In the movie, Buzz never contradicts himself: Stoic, proud and determined, the Space Ranger does not fail to remind us of his military training and his preparation, in a sense for how many things happen in the course of the film, his presence always makes us feel safe as if we were always next to the right person, the one that no matter how bad things get, will never hurt you. And this is what the film is about: the hope of always finding someone who is on your side, no matter how many mistakes you may have committed, if you are doing everything to remedy your mistake on your own, you have to understand that in two (or more ) fatigue is less and effectiveness is greater.

Lightyear - The True Story of Buzz Review

New heroes

Accompanying Buzz, whose voice is loaned by Alberto Malanchino in Italy, there are also a host of new heroes that we did not know before this film: Sox the catbot played by Ludovico Tersigni it will most likely be the element you will love the most in the whole movie, as it will not be limited to being a simple “toy” for company, but is configured as the real shoulder of our hero. Even this is basically a paraphrase of what happens in everyday life, those of us who own an animal (be it a dog, a cat or an exotic breed) will understand very well the type of relationship that is established between the hero and his yellow quadruped, while for all those who do not have an animal, do not be surprised if you run into the first kennel / cattery at hand to get one: it just means that the film has done its duty!

Rossa Caputo is the brave Izzy Hawthorne than in this case represents all of us: if Buzz is the hero, the one who always knows what is the right thing to do, Izzy is the girl who takes her first steps in a new world, a world that she has always adored and watched from afar but which at the same time overwhelming, it makes it feel inadequate and in general always not up to par. It will be Buzz’s job to guide Izzy while the young cadet will teach our hero the value of union. Another paraphrase of what life is, interesting this fantasy, it gives different food for thought if you think about it well.

Towards infinity and….

The fantasy is light: it allows you to get on an airplane and fly to the other side of the universe, to be part of that Stellar Command where Buzz plays and where everything seems to fit perfectly. Lightyear: The real story of Buzz is an ups and downs of emotions: on the one hand you laugh and experience moments of tension, on the other hand do not be surprised if those who are a little older (perhaps a mother or a father) let themselves be overwhelmed by emotions and drop some tear on the shirt, after all it is fantasy isn’t it? Well the journey begins with a loaded backpack, full of guilt and responsibility, but continues as Buzz frees himself from the bricks of those sins and those “bad fantasies” that have limited him. The movie is Disney / Pixar on paper, but it really isn’t if we take that train of the imagination, we forget for a moment what we have in front of us and watch the stations go by: that train will flow through all the various anxieties, fears, tears and doubts until it reaches the terminus or that of happiness. Leaving the room you feel light, as if we could fly towards “the infinite and …. beyond!”


  • Lightyear – The true story of Buzz

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    Lightyear – The true story of Buzz is a kaleidoscope of emotions, colors and ideas that transcend the ordinary of a children’s animated film, aimed more at an adult audience. Do not misunderstand: anyone can see it, but it is immediately clear that the older children (and in general those who lived the golden age of Toy Story) will live in a deeper way the hidden meaning behind the choices of our hero. A perfect screen rendering, almost no smudges in the narrative context and memorable characters, make this product a real gem: you want to see others once you leave the room.