Lies of P – Behind-the-Scenes looks behind the development

On the occasion of Pinocchio’s birthday, developer Neowiz is providing new insights into the development of Read of P, coming out later this year.

The new video is accompanied by Project Lead Ji Won Choi and Art Director Chang Kyu Noh, who reveal more about the story, characters, tone, art direction and more from the Souls-like game, while in the second video, the actress Allegra Marland (Elden Ring, The Crown) gives an in-depth look at her character, Sophia.

In the video, Choi and Roh provide additional insights into the meticulous designs of the cast and the game world, their inspirations for the development of the game and much more in a question and answer session.

In the video interview with Marland, you get an in-depth look at Sophia and how she helped bring the mysterious character to life. Sophia is unique in that she gained the ability to manipulate time after awakening Ergo’s true powers. Marland describes some of her favorite lines and how she sees the character in the context of the story.

Read of P offers an elegant world full of suspense, a deep combat and character development system and a compelling story with interesting narrative decisions in which P becomes more human the more lies he tells. But in a world full of lies, nobody can be trusted.

Read of P will also be part of the Summer Game Fest where you can expect new gameplay scenes.

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