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Destiny 2: Leviathan farming guide of weapons and vestiges

With the arrival of Season of the Tormented on Destiny 2, we see the return of a location that all veterans of the work of Bungie they will know well: the Leviathan. This time, however, it will not be a raid, but the place where most of the activities of this update will take place, one example is containment. However, in order to get the maximum loot from all this we will need a particular currency which is called the vestige of terror that we will have to sacrifice to the scythe at the end of the public event just mentioned.

Containment of nightmares has no particular mechanics, it works in a similar way to what was present on Mars a few years ago. In the first part it will be necessary to eliminate all the enemies within the time limit, while in the second part psykers will appear in some bubbles, as in a phase of the raid that took place in this map, and the elimination will work the same way: enter the bubbles and hit with a melee attack the enemy inside. Occasionally it may happen that during the boss prisms appear in the air that will be destroyed otherwise we will not be able to kill him as he will be immune.

As for the vestiges, they can be obtained in various ways: by completing the public containment events, by collecting them as any planetary material on the leviathan and also by completing the activities of the various playlists ie crucible, hazard and avant-garde. The latter method is also the fastest considering that we will get 240 for each completed match.

As we have seen from the advances of Bungie in addition to the new seasonal weapons we also have the return of those of the menagerie, which are very useful in some builds. These unlike the first ones cannot be dropped directly by completing the containment but through an object that is released in the loot of this mode or the opulent key. Each of them can only open one of the chests that are present inside the leviathan, to know which is the right one you will need to read its description since it will contain the clue to its location. We hope you found this Destiny 2 guide useful and stay tuned to MonkeyBit for fresh news and guides.