let’s say goodbye to the Definitive Edition

GTA IV is one of the most criticized titles in the saga in history. It is a love-hate that has been going on since the release and the players are literally split in half when they hear about the fourth chapter.

Either way, today’s news has destroyed us quite a bit, so get ready to join us in tears!

GTA IV: we salute the Definitive Edition

GTA IV either you love it or you hate it. Compared to its predecessor, it is a much more limiting title which, however, has managed to improve practically everything that the series had dared to present to us up to that moment. It must be said that even today many mechanics of the title are better than the current GTA V.

Returning to the subject, Rockstar decided to throw a blow to the team of fans who were taking care of completely revisiting the game. GTA IV Definitive Edition is in fact a project that was set up in 2016 and that he wanted to improve all versions of the old Rockstar games.


All in all, it is a very painstaking work, which put together mods and patches giving luster to GTA IV. That said, GTA’s mom said enough and sent a DMCA to the group. On Twitter the testimony post is present and unfortunately it has already been announced that the project will stop here.

Sad news for all fans sure, but with copyright there is little to joke about!