LEGO Star Wars on Game Pass, official confirmation from Xbox

A thick addition to the catalogue!

LEGO Star Wars is ready to land on Xbox Game Pass. These are not rumors or speculations, but an official announcement from the official Twitter profile of the Microsoft subscription service. The date of inclusion in the catalog has not yet been revealed, but the next communication in this regard is expected on Tuesday 6 December, when the titles arriving in the first half of the last month of the year will be revealed.

LEGO Star Wars, is the Skywalker Saga coming to Game Pass?

It all started out as a little conundrum on Twitter. An image posted yesterday by Xbox Game Pass it invited users to guess three four-letter words, of which only a miserable A was available, leaving few clues. Someone had already figured it out anyway, but a second clue gave a much clearer meaning to the three words.

Summarizing the now settled matter, the particular Xbox teaser was referring to lego star wars, confirming in an original way the arrival of the title in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. The game that everyone thinks of is the recent one LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagawhich has met with great success from critics and players bringing the entire history of games based on LEGO to the maximum synthesis.

To corroborate the thesis that it is the latest iteration of the series there is the fact that Microsoft has been very active in promoting the game. Among other things, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a very recent game, which would guarantee a very high added value for its inclusion in the Game Pass catalog. We will see in the coming days if all the confirmations of the case arrive.

Staying on the subject of subscription services, we remind you that yesterday PlayStation announced the games arriving in the Plus Essential catalog starting next Tuesday.