Legion release date confirmed

There will be no surprises for the Crossfire: Legion launch date

Crossfire: Legionthe fast-paced action-packed real-time strategy game, will be released in Early Access and in shops onDecember 8, 2022. No slippage, therefore, with what were the initial plans of the development team who had identified December as the right month to give birth to their work. The launch will bring a full suite of game modes, a host of features, new units and commanders, as well as the final act of the campaign. The game will also launch with a free weekend from 8 to 11 December so that players can discover it for themselves.

Here is the complete list of everything that will be available in the final version of Crossfire: Legion

  • Added Act IV of the campaign
  • Added Northside Co-op mode
  • New game mode Brawl
  • New Skirmish Map: Labyrinth (3v3)
  • New Payload Map: Tongren Facility (3v3)
  • 12 new units, 4 for each faction:
  • 3 additional commanders: Warden (Global Risk), Stalker (Black List), Cipher (New Horizon)
  • AI creation for Battle Lines, Payload, Brawl and Standard Game modes

“Crossfire: Legion has grown tremendously since it entered Early Access in May of this year. This period has proved immensely valuable, working closely with the passions and experience of the RTS communities has taught us what today’s classic RTS fans want to see, it has shaped the game. For example, our original meta-progression system, which had soft currency to unlock units and commanders in a confusingly presented “shop,” was removed due to player concerns that we might introduce microtransactions for gameplay-affecting items . It also limited the immediacy of the classic RTS experience, whereby the entire army kit is accessible right from the start.”