Legion is now available in Early Access

Crossfire: Legion is finally available in Early Access for the platform Steam. Already in the previous trailers we had the opportunity to understand how much the game’s Blackbird Interactive had a fast pace, a RTS action packed that will put you to the test.

In fact, starting from June there will be a way to participate in the ESL tournament; in case you haven’t, but are interested in participating, you have time until June 5th.

Crossfire: Legion, the wait is over!

Set in the near future of the universe of Crossfirewhere society is collapsing and the world is consumed by conflict, three rival factions (Black List, Global Risk and New Horizon) they fight for the domination of their ideologies.

We will have at our disposal well 45 units to choose from (air / ground assault, transport, infantry etc.) e 6 unique commanderswith which we will have to train and customize our army, manage resources, consolidate their positions and advance to dominate the map.

Crossfire: Legion

The title will boast a single-player campaign well defined, but the multiplayer sector will be the master. Crossfire: Legion will test the competitive and strategic skills of us players through an extensive roster of units and commanders. The latter will be equipped with special skills on the battlefield that will change the tide of the conflict. Knowing how to make the most of them, but also to counter them, will be essential to prevail in the many multiplayer modes.

As for the more competitive part of Crossfire: LegionUGC tools and ESL-supported competitive tournaments will be introduced at a later date in development.

Maurice Grela, Blackbird Interactive Game Designerhe has declared: “We are thrilled to finally bring it in Early Access and we can’t wait to hear what gamers who have grown up with RTS or are just (re) discovering the genre think. We were missing those types of games and we designed Crossfire: Legion thinking of them! “