Leaked images with Ada Wong and trophies from Resident Evil 4 Remake, which has been priced somewhere

Until the 24th of March, there is still quite far, but this time last week in some countries they started sell Resident Evil 4 Remake box sets, so the internet is full of spoilersů and escapeů.

Thanks to them, you can see how Ada Wong looked at the RE Engine. If she is still as beautiful and sexy as in the original, judge for yourself:

> There is also u&zcaron outside; list of achievementů and trophies from the console versions of the game. You have to see them here.

They sound different when addressing Capcom truths, the PC version of the predecessor has been discounted on Steam in some countries. It should be most noticeable in Argentině and Turkey, where it was triple. And, for example, in Pakistan, with the current price tag of 60 dollars, is more než monthly salary there.

A technical video comparison of the fifth RE4 Chainsaw demo found that the same method (temporal reconstruction) as in the Village is used.

The PS5 version is about five frames shorter. more smoothly notž the one for Xbox Series X. However, it is recommended to use Performance mode in all versions (i.e. the one without raytracing), therefore there is a stable 60fps.

The Xbox Series S remake doesn’t support raytracing or nice hair physics. characters and animal fur (can be turned on on PC and stronger consoles), and XSX suffers from naughty textures, details and shadows.

In other versions, raytracing controls the lighting of selected locations and reflections, but it is not something you would notice right away, so there is nothing extra.