Leaked 6 minutes of STALKER 2 heavily in development

We wrote about it a few days ago, how Russian hackers gained access to the work task of the Internet. of Ukrainian developersřů GSC Gameworld for STALKER 2.

Jelikož the ultimatum set by them expired and the demands were not heard, they kept their word and made public what was illegal. stole, and what we could never sleep.

The truth Yes, it is not something wonderful and beautiful, without which you could not go, simply. just a few test recordings from the currently developed version of the game.

It corresponds to recent information, že STALKER 2 is supposed to be only about 25 percent complete.

It should be found on the VK communityě called “Bulletin of the same Stalker” where there is about 17GB of data with character information, artwork, plot details, etc.

If you are among die-hard fans of the series and would like to see at least a little something whenž if you doubt the existence of the game itself and its state, zamiř PULLwhere there is a six-minute compilation of short “play” videos.

It is evident from them that there will be scripted physics-based sequences in the game. And logically there will also be the whims of the wild world, what? must be related to anomalies in Zóně.