leak would reveal a new location

Earlier this week HoYoversedeveloper of Genshin Impact, finally revealed the release dates for patches 2.7 and 2.8And a new location seems to have been unveiled for the latter.

Fans will have to wait until July 13, 2022 before we can get our hands on patch 2.8however it seems that a new setting may have leaked early.

The leaker of Genshin ImpactBlank, shared an image of a castle which presumably should appear on Twinning Isle.

Obviously, this news, not confirmed by official sources, is to be taken as a rumor, and not as something concrete and definitive. Although Blank tends to be a very reliable source as far as Genshin Impact is concerned.

Unfortunately there are no other details on this, especially if the environment will be fully explorable inside.

With the arrival of patch 2.7 scheduled for May 31, 2022, it is unlikely that we will have official news about this elusive castle, if there is anything true.

If the 2.8 release date, which is July 13, were true and definitive, HoYoverse would have to do a live at the beginning of the month where fans could actually see what awaits them.

Observing the matter in a tight time frameconsidering the release of 2.7 at the end of May, users will have to keep busy in the meantime.

Genshin Impact was released in 2020, and was a huge success for HoYoverse, generating billions in revenue for the company. A version for the Nintendo Switch has also been announced, of which however there is currently no release date.

However, the company has confirmed that it is still in development, in the meantime you can still play Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android.

We all hope that fans won’t have to wait long to finally get the much desired Nintendo Switch version.

In the meantime, enjoy this leak about the new location of Genshin Impact, which presumably could be added with patch 2.8.