League of Legends will have a new spin-off, according to a leak

The saga of League of Legends is probably one of the most prolific in the gaming world: between TV series, main chapters and spin-offs, the RIOT creature has entered the PCs and hearts of millions of players. Hot news seems to be coming from the Far East a title soon to be published.

The evaluation and administration committee of South Korea has in fact entered a new LoL title in its database. We are talking about the fourth chapter of the spin-off series “A League of Legends Story”called “Mageseeker”.

Thanks to this leak we can learn about several details about the title: it will be aPC exclusivewill be developed by RIOT Forge (which in the past has dealt with the production of the other chapters of the spin-off series), will have Sylas as the protagonist and will be set in the region of Demacia.

The title has not yet been officially announced (but in Korea they have already established a recommended minimum age of 12 years) and it is however right to expect an official announcement in the next months.

While waiting for this new title, RIOT has released the 13.1 update and proclaimed the start of the new season of League of Legends and the arrival of a new season of Arcane. You can find the review of the first season of the League TV series on our site.