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League of Legends welcomes Bel’Veth

League of Legends is one of the most popular MMOs of all time. Its success is due to the formula MOBA which refreshes itself with each patch, its propaganda that extends to the world of cinema and music and, last but not least, the number of champions and diversity in its gameplay.

Last among these is Bel’Vetha creature of the void that will make its appearance on the battlefield very soon.

In this trailer, Kai’Sa he appears to be in trouble in the void world as he battles menacing creatures and aggressive, for no apparent reason. This up to the appearance of a woman who looks like a priestess of the voiddisproving everything we expected during his transformation into an otherworldly beast.

It is rumored on the web that the role of Bel’Veth is in the jungle, his abilities will be magical and will be released in the next patch. His list of abilities is as follows:

  • Death in Lavender (Passive): Champions, monsters, epic monsters, and super minions drop an item which, when collected, adds to their passive stack, which grants Life Steal to Bel’Veth. When attacking a target, these stacks are consumed by damaging the enemy and healing the empress.
  • Void Surge (Q): Passive: Bel’Veth it has an arrow that crosses it diagonally.
    Activate: Bel’Veth dashes dealing damage and slowing enemies. If it hits an epic monster, the cooldown is reset. When used on minions or normal monsters, the cooldown is reduced by 40%. During her R, this ability has an additional feature that allows her to pass through enemies.
  • Above and Below (W): Bel’Veth goes underground, gains speed, and can cross walls. Emerging deals damage and blasts enemies in a small area. During his R, Bel’Veth it is not targetable when underground.
  • Royal Maelstorm (E): Bel’Veth begins to channel a vortex that slows and pulls enemies towards her damaging them every second. While she uses her ability, the Empress takes less damage and converts a percentage of it by throwing her at her enemies (As a thornmail). During R, his E infiltrates true damage and eventually explodes.
  • Endless Banquet (R): For a few seconds, Bel’Veth takes its true form and all of its abilities are enhanced. The duration of this transformation can be extended. During its true form, Bel’Veth gains HP, Magic Resist, Armor, and Damage. It heals a percentage of her health based on passive stacks. She can use these stacks to create a swarm of monstrous fish that damage nearby champions. By killing them, the duration of the swarm increases.

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