League of Legends – Neeko will have a new passive!

League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the most loved and played video games ever, its success undoubtedly lies in having offered players a formula that is simple to learn, but extremely technical and complex if you want to master it. However, the game, which is entering its 14th year, has often had to propose changes to the Legends in order to keep the formula in balance and give space to all the characters (for example, you can find the brand new here Recommended build for Lee Sin).

And it is precisely one of the most beloved Legends who is preparing to receive a rework of his passive ability which could distort its use, but which still seems designed to change the gameplay of the character for the better. It’s about Neeko, the Curious Chameleonwhose metamorphosis abilities know to radically change!

League of Legends: Will Neeko adapt to the news?

Currently, Neeko’s passive ability allows her to transform into any allied character without, however, also copying the kit, such a move allows it to confuse the opponents who will find themselves lost by unexpected strategies and will have to have quick answers in order not to succumb. The new passive instead requires that Neeko can transform into Jungle seedlings and minion castersso you can launch surprise attacks against your opponents.

According to the developers, this change will serve to make the Legend more fun to play; however, testing of the new passive is still ongoing, so we can’t yet say if it will actually be the definitive form that she will be adopted or if Neeko can even transform into something else!

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