League of Legends – Aurelion Sol rework is coming

League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the most loved and played video games ever, its success lies in having offered players a formula that is simple to learn, but extremely technical and complex if you want to master it. However, the game, which is entering its 14th year, has often had to propose changes to the Legends in order to keep the formula in balance and give space to all the characters (for example, you can find the brand new here Recommended build for Lee Sin).

After the rework of Neeko’s passive ability, the Curious Chameleon, it will also be up to ad Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger undergo a complete rework of skillsthe developers have in fact thought that the Legend’s moveset was outdated and therefore decided to give it a substantial upgrade!

League of Legends: is Aurelion Sol ready to return to the meta?

Aurelion Sol’s skill rework is coming in February with the update 13.3, from that moment the Legend could become truly fearsome; Specifically, the changes will be as follows:

  • Cosmic Creator – passive skill will now permanently enhance skills based on generated stardust stacks;
  • Astral Light – allows Aurelion Sol to fly in the selected direction, in the meantime however the Legend will be able to use other skills, if used in combo with Breath of Light, this will see its cooldown reduced to zero; in addition, each kill decreases the cooldown of Astral Light and each stack of Stardust increases its range;
  • Breath of Light – while Aurelion Sol channels dragon breath, damage dealt to directly hit enemies increases, Stardust stacks increase damage dealt, hitting a Champion increases Stardust stacks;
  • Falling Star – the skill deals magic damage, each enemy Champion hit increases the stacks of Stardust; if enough stacks build up, the ability transforms into The Skies Descendwhich increases the damage and the area of ​​impact compared to the basic version, the enemies hit are not stunned, but raised in the area and those who are in the vicinity of the area of ​​​​impact are slowed down, damage and area of ​​​​impact increase accordingly all stacks of Stardust;
  • Singularity – a black hole drags enemies towards itself and damages them, the more time enemies spend inside the black hole, the more damage they receive, enemies below a certain health percentage threshold take execution damage when they end up in the center of the hole black; Stardust stacks increase range and minimum threshold to deal execution damage.

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