Lady Gaga in talks for the role of Harley Quinn. Will the film be a musical?

A little more than a week after the official announcement of a second film dedicated to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, the first details of Todd Philips’ next film begin to arrive.

According to the latest information published by The Hollywood Reporter it seems that in these hours Lady Gaga is in talks to take part in the new film alongside Joaquin Phenix in a role still shrouded in mystery.

Despite the secrecy of the role the first character to come to mind is the companion of the clown prince of crime, Harley Quinn. On the other hand, the title of the film itself, Joker: Folie à Deux, seems to suggest the presence of doctor Harleen Quinzel.


In the comics the woman works at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham and over time she gets closer and closer to one patient in particular, the Joker, ending up obsessed with him. Later the two begin to have an affair even though most of the time Harley Quinn is just being manipulated by her loved one.

Witnessing a situation of this kind in the new film could be a winning move, leading to very interesting plot implications, with the two lovers fleeing the police forces with the intent of wreaking havoc.

But the news does not end there why according to the latest rumors it seems that Joker 2 will be a musical. Should the news be confirmed, it would not be too surprising: Todd Philipps himself has already produced in the past the musical A Star is Born, a film that earned Lady Gaga the Oscar nomination for “Best Actress”.

Released in 2019 Joker immediately won the favor of audiences and critics, becoming one of the highest-grossing R-rated films in the history, earning 11 Oscar nominations. If the second chapter will maintain the same quality level, we can only be optimistic for the future of the saga.

What do you think of these interesting news? Does the nature of a musical suit such a controversial character as the Joker? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter