Lady Dimitrescu appears to really exist in a viral photo

One of the elements that has made the recent one more iconic Resident Evil Village is undoubtedly the presence of Lady Dimitrescu, the giant vampire with prominent shapes. Although she is not the main villain of the title, the character entered the heart of fans since its first appearance in promotional material, also becoming the subject of numerous cosplay. Recently, however, a woman showed hers incredible similarity with Lady Dimitrescu.

The woman in question is called Rochelle Martinez who, at the suggestion of her daughter, shared a photo where she shows this resemblance to the character ofi Resident Evil Village. The similarity is there and, as Rochelle herself declared, the thing is “a little creepy“:

My daughter pointed out the similarity between me and Alcina Dimitrescu, better known as Lady Dimitrescu, is a character from the 2021 survival horror game Resident Evil Village. She is a little creepy

As regards Resident Evil VillageCapcom in its financial report had revealed that Resident Evil Village it would have a free DLC However, the Insider Dusk Golem revealed that Capcom has no intention of releasing free content for Resident Evil Villageand if this happens it is why Other paid DLCs are already in the works.

Resident Evil Village has been available in physical and digital stores since May 7, 2021. The game was published on both new generation and old gen platforms, that is PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia and Windows PC (Steam). For owners of older generation versions, it is also possible to switch to the next gen version via a free update.

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