Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure less than a coffee

Instant Gaming today offers us among its many offers Gap, an investigative adventure with a strong noir influence that will thrill you from start to finish.

Gap: A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure and the first job of the developer DigiTales Interactiveand as a beginning it is not bad, indeed his game manages to kidnap from the very first moments thanks to its plot. DigiTales Interactive hit the spotgoing to recreate a credible science fiction world and very well-kept, populated by particular and curious characters that will thrill us for its entire duration.

Lacuna: plot

The events of the title come to life in a alternate universe around the year 1800where humanity has already succeeded in the enterprise of colonize different planets and moons of their solar system. Even if they are no longer on earth and with much more advanced technology, human beings always remain the same and it didn’t take long for the worst plagues that afflict humanity even today, like greed, selfishness, social inequalities And prejudices, took over.

It all starts when our detective is commissioned to escort a very important politician arrived on Gharian but that soon after he will be killed under mysterious circumstances. View the political instability of the planet given by the search for independence of Drovia, Neil he finds himself in having to shed some light on the case in no time to avoid worst-case scenarios.

Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure it has everything a game of its kind should have: Fantastic setting and atmosphere, intriguing characters, engaging story and narrative from start to finish. A title to have absolutely if you are passionate about the genre and that could bring many users to this type of game.