Konami changes his mind and dismisses “Change Your Mind” in the trading card game, 17 years after the ban

Are you passionate Yu-Gi-Oh players? You will be pleased to know that a card is back available for use in official tournaments. Konami has decided to lift the ban from “Changing Your Mind”. The card was banned in 2005. Now, with the arrival of 2022 and the updated banlist, we discover that the card is again safely usable. For those unfamiliar with how it works we explain briefly. Konami, with the publication of new cards, is forced to make some of them unavailable to balance the Yu-Gi-Oh metagame.

Change Your Mind, you will remember, was a spell card with the power to remove a monster from the opponent’s control and place it under our command for the duration of the turn. Unlike other cards with similar effects, Changing Your Mind costs the player nothing in terms of resources. To prevent use from turning into abuse, Konami has set a precise and severe limit: you can only have one copy that is shared between Main, Extra and Side Deck.

This danger of his opened its doors by right in the very first edition of the 2004 banlist to then confirm the decision in 2005. The hope is that the re-insertion of the card will not end up damaging the delicate balance that Konami has managed to achieve and which it is forced to maintain whenever a new card is published.


Yu-Gi-Oh dragged Konami’s 2021. Much of the economic growth of the last year is due to Master Duel. Speaking of tournaments, another rule has been added. But it’s more about the players than the cards used. Haven’t you taken care of your personal hygiene? You will stay out of the competition.

And you, are you passionate about Yu-Gi-Oh? What is your favorite card? Don’t mention the usual Black Wizard, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Be original.

Source: Konami