Kojima would be working on Overdose together with Xbox

After appearing at the Xbox & Bethesda event of Hideo Kojima many possibilities have been rumored, one of all is that the good Kojima had passed to the competition (here our article) and that he was working on a video game with the name Overdose exclusively for Xbox.

According to a previous report by Tom Henderson indeed Overdose would be the title of Kojima’s new video game, and would be a first and third person game (with the option to choose) with Margaret Qualley as the protagonist. Another detail that he wants to bring to light is that in the video that was shown to him we see a person intent on playing with a mobile device.

In fact, remember that the first films that Tom received, anonymously (he is keen to specify), seem to show the actress (also present in Death Strandings) with a blue dress. However Henderson himself excludes, more or less, that it could be Death Strandings 2despite the presence of the same model who appeared in the first chapter.

The movie, as the well-known insider and leaker describes, would show the character walking through dark corridors with a third-person flashlight, before reaching a scary jump scare and seeing the word “GAMEOVER” followed by “A Hideo Kojima Game “…” OVERDOSE “.

Even the insider Jeff Grubb would have advanced the possibility that Kojima is working closely with Xbox for the publication of this brand new video game, but to date there has been no official announcement or certain proof that there is this agreement, however we expect some news to arrive in the next few days.

Although there is no certainty that it is Overdose the video game he talked about Hideo Kojima at the event Xbox & Bethesdaall the tests and rumors seem to be aimed precisely at him, but in the absence of further news about it, we just have to cross our fingers and wait for the official status of this (or any that may be) title that will be developed for Xbox and that will use cloud technology, as stated by the author himself.

Another evidence to support the thesis of Tom Henderson it could also be the fact that Kojima Productions required everyone to remove articles they talk about Overdose. We just have to remain confident as we await further developments in the matter.