Kojima Productions and NASA are collaborating to release a watch

The watch was produced by the designer Anicorn

The American company NASA And Hideo Kojima they collaborated on a project, and it is not the collaboration itself that is unusual. The mascot of Kojima Productionsafter all, he is a named character Ludens, unveiled in conjunction with the announcement of Death Stranding, who wears a spacesuit for extravehicular activities and is thought of as an astronaut exploring digital space. No, it’s the fact that they collaborated in the production of a watch. It’s not even a smartwatch – it’s a real wristwatch called Space Ludens and based on the game developer’s mascot.

The collaboration between Kojima Productions and NASA

Announced yesterday, it Space Ludens is manufactured by the watch designer Anicorn and is based on the visual style of the company’s mascot Kojimawhile incorporating design elements of the logo of the NASA. Here’s what they stated away twitter:

“ANICORN is honored to present a unique collaborative timepiece – SPACE LUDENS, an epic collaboration inspired by Ludens to proclaim creativity, imagination and the playful element in culture”

As the manufacturers then pointed out, it is based on the style of the Ludens, with a gray / silver coloring and gold screws and accents. The logo of the NASA adorns the surface of the clock, along with the words “Extra-Vehicular Creative Activity Suit”. Below, the logo of Kojima Productions it is embossed on the transparent case which shows the gears of the watch.

Although a watch is not the first thing that will come to your mind when you hear that Kojima collaborated with the NASA, the gadget is pretty cool and might appeal to fans on both sides. The Space clock Ludens will be released in limited quantities on September 27. Only 600 pieces will be available for purchase, and 100 of these will ship with a skull-shaped mask based on the one that appears in the logo of Kojima Productions. Anicorn hasn’t revealed how much it will cost yet, but its previous NASA watches aren’t cheap either exceed i $ 1,000.