King’s Bounty 2 has released a major update with three levels of difficulty

King's Bounty 2

Patch weight — 14.2 GB

1C Entertainment has released the third update for King’s Bounty 2. The game for the first time appeared the division into levels. Now players have access to easy, medium, and difficult levels. The weight of the patch was 14.2 GB.

Kings Bounty 2

Other important changes:

  • The new loading screens now show the exact area where the player is located;
  • Introduced the display of new items in the inventory using asterisks. They will be displayed until the player clicks on the appropriate tab and gets acquainted with the object that fell to him;
  • Added maps of dungeons and hidden locations, including the Outland and other arenas;
  • Spell scrolls now display the school of magic for this spell;
  • The talent screen now displays hero gold;
  • Each hero now has his own set of items, which can be bought from the intendant in the fortress of Crucius;
  • The limit of slots for saves on the PC has been increased.

King’s Bounty 2 was released on August 24, 2021. The game received mixed reviews.

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