Kingdom Hearts 4 will have few Disney worlds, the fault of the graphics

Graphics are not always everything, if we think about it: a video game needs above all the game design, the game mechanics that allow the gamer to have fun. In spite of everything, Kingdom Hearts 4 it could soon lose its most important prerogative due to the graphic power required by the new game, the Disney worlds.

According to Nomura’s words, gamers will be able to see some world inside Kingdom Hearts 4 Disney, but they will be few due to the graphic limitations imposed by the graphic quality of the new title. Indeed the trailer shows this new world, Quadratumvery realistic (even Sora himself seems bigger and more detailed), but having a game world like that has its downsides.

Here then is that the new Kingdom Hearts 4 will have more realistic worlds to the detriment of the most fantastic ones seen in the three previous chapters. Nomura he has declared:

Since every subsequent game has always demanded higher specs, and there is a lot to do on the graphics side, we have limits in the worlds we can create. There will be some Disney world, don’t worry.

Easy to say considering that the prerogative of Kingdom Hearts, among other things, has always been to propose this story from mixed universes (Square Enix And Disney) even before the idea of ​​worlds to explore became mainstream in the cinema with Marvel (and beyond).

Anyway, Kingdom Hearts 4 apparently will not be distorted, but you certainly cannot expect game experiences close to previous titles, since everything seems to lead in the direction of a more mature, adult game with different worlds (perhaps even with new collaborations). We can only wait for future announcements to really see what will be done in this new title, hoping that we can at least maintain the style and character that has always made the saga dedicated to Sora and his companions special.