June 2022 movies and series, from Ms. Marvel to Daredevil

This June Disney + celebrates Pride Monthand lots of content is on the way, such as movie, TV seriesand characters from the world LGBTQ +, let’s find out together which ones. On June 17, the new original Fire Island film will debut, while on June 15 it will be the turn of Love’s highly anticipated and final season, Victor.

And that’s not allsubscribers will also be able to access content told by actors, directors, and producers from the LGBTQ + world, including Pose, Pride, and Out. June will also be a very rich month, not only will series like Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Kardashian continue, but there will also be the debut of a hit comedy Abbott Elementary.

Also in June, the third season of Atlanta is back. On June 1st we will see Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 respectively, from June 8th it will be the turn of the heroes of 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star. Starting from June 8, Big Sky will also return, with the remaining episodes of the second season.

Let’s see in detail some of the series Disney + on June:

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a new series from Marvel Studios that stars Kamala Khan, an American teenager of Pakistani origins who at some point in her life will get superpowers, like the heroes she has always loved. The series will be streaming on Disney + starting June 8.

Fire Island

Set in the gay resort towns on Long Island, New York ,. this film will be a romantic comedy centered around two best friends who set out on a legendary adventure together. It will be available in streaming starting June 17th.

Fire Island Disney +

Only Murders in the Building

The plot is relatively simple as well as promising, following the shocking death of the chairman of the Arconia board of directors, three people will try to expose his assassination.

Here we see the presence of the actor Martin Short, who most will remember for Leap in the dark, a cult film that also stars Dennis Quaid (father of Jack Quaid, who stars in The Boys). The second season will be available from June 28th.

Only murders in the buildings

Rise – The True Story of Antetokounpo

Two emigrants to Greece from Nigeria struggle to survive and provide for their children, while living in fear of being repatriated. However, some of their children find they have great basketball skills. The Disney + original film will be streaming on July 24.

Disney + laughed

Hollywood Stargirl

This film, from Disney + and the direct sequel to the 2020 film, is about Stargirl Caraway, a crystalline-voiced teenager with a gentle soul. The film, as already mentioned in the original Disney + production, will be streaming from 3 June.

Hoillywood Stargirl Disney +

Abbott Elementary

This new television series is a comedy that will tell the story of a group of teachers and their headmaster slightly out of phase. The first full season will be available for streaming on June 1st.

Abbott Elementary Disney +

The Orville: New Horizons

Set 400 years into the future, this series sees the crew of the USS Orville busy navigating space. The third season will be available in streaming from June 2nd.

The Orville

This is just it a taste of what awaits ussince there will be lots of new series that will debut in the catalog, and many new seasons, such as the nineteenth season of Family Guy. Given the low cost of the monthly subscription Disney +I would say it might be worth the subscription.