Johnny Depp will return as Jack Sparrow, according to a rumor

Potentially explosive news

Finally back to talking about Johnny Depp without reference to courts and lawsuits. To launch the discreet bomb is the British newspaper The Sunwhich published a rumor according to which the American actor will return to take on the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6, historic return for Johnny Depp?

Rumors claim that the star actor of the highly successful saga Disney has been contacted for some test shootings that should take place next February in Great Britain. The same document leaked from the pre-production stages of the film would also indicate a working title for the sixth chapter, A Day at the Sea.

Even the actual filming should be performed in the United Kingdom, in a secret location, after these phantom tests indicated by the rumor. There are no names, however, regarding the possible director of the new film. The executive producer should be though Bruce Hendrickswho has already worked on the first three films.

The eventual return of Johnny Depp in one of the roles that made him most famous worldwide would be explosive news. During the trial against the ex-wife Amber Heardthe actor himself had stated that he would not return to work for Disney in a new The Pirates of the Caribbean for nothing in the world. If the rumors were confirmed, something must have convinced Depp of the goodness of the project, perhaps an exorbitant amount like the one he had rumored some time ago.

In recent days, still with regard to The Pirates of the Caribbean, the confirmation of the renunciation of Margot Robbie, who could have become the new notable female lead for the series. No offense to you, but Depp’s possible return would have no possible comparison in terms of appeal to the film’s audience.

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