Johnny Depp is really close to returning as Jack Sparrow

Well yes, finally there is something: it is reportedly believed that Johnny Depp is returning to the dei franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

The actor, 59, is reportedly set to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow, the weird pirate, so to speak. How long has it been? Well, 5 years since the last film, enough time to send his career up in smoke after the trial with Amber Heard.

Depp was, in fact, excluded from the franchise already in 2018, however, already at the beginning of this year it seems that the producers were already retracing their steps, once again desiring the actor’s face for a sixth film and a spin-off series. off.

Disney is said to have expressed interest after the actor won the lawsuit against his ex-wife in June. Currently, there are rumors that Depp is due to do a UK photo shoot in February, so there is some hope.

The working title of the film seems to be “A day at sea”; a source told a The Sun that:

Well yes, Johnny will return as Captain Jack Sparrow and filming will begin in early February. Where is it? I would like to know, there is talk of a top secret location in the UK. Everything is still very immature and there is no mention of directors, but the name is “A day at the sea”.

Hendrickswho we remember working on the first three films, appears to have been named executive producer of the new project, but as for other details: nothing.

The whole project is shrouded in a mysterious cloud and we will only know more when Disney decides to open the chest.