Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, will donate a portion of his $124 billion fortune to charity

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to donate a portion of his multibillion-dollar fortune to charity as a move to fight climate change and poverty. To announce it, the same owner of the Washington Post during an interview granted to cnn.

Bezos has been dedicating himself to philanthropic initiatives for some time now together with his partner Lauren Sánchez. Just recently, another initiative by the entrepreneur took place. Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton won the 2022 Courage and Civility Awardan award established by Jeff Bezos and whose prize money worth 100 million dollars will be donated to charity.

Jeff Bezos’ net worth is $124 billion and a part of this amount will be donated to charity. At the moment we don’t know exactly what the real percentage will be donated. An undoubtedly noble gesture and with which the tycoon also hopes to appease the voices that paint him as a selfish person.


After becoming interested in the climate and the problems deriving from global warmingJeff Bezos founded the Earth Fund putting $ 10 billion on the plate in the form of aid associations, scientists, companies and NGOs committed to safeguarding our planet. Although he no longer holds the role of CEO of Amazon, he still owns 10% of the Seattle company and is still committed to implementing solutions and strategies to contain the environmental impact.

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Source: cnn