JARS discounted on Instant Gaming by 43%

The famous sales and discount site for digital video games Instant Gamingtoday offers us among the many titles also JARS, a hilarious puzzle game discounted almost half of the original price, for a final cost of only 6.87 euros. Even being part of the strategic tower defense category, the title offers us a nice plotperfectly accompanied by one well done and hand crafted graphic stylewith slightly dark tones.

We will impersonate Victor, a curious little boy who, having ended up in the basement of his house, makes two incredible discoveries; a mysterious book with inside many mysteries to discover and a unwanted guest who lives without his knowledge in the cellar, Dracula.

The main focus in JARS will be to destroy all the jars present in the different levels, while we protect the coffin in which Dracula is trapped. Trying to free the vampire lord, they’ll think about it hosts of enemy Minions which will have to be countered by putting our allies on the battlefield.

Of course, it won’t just be about breaking the jars and placing the Minions; Compulsively opening all the containers in the level could lead to a quick defeat. Except for those with a green label, each jar could potentially contain an enemy who, once freed, will immediately try to help the master.

JARS discounted on Instant Gaming by 43% 1

Definitely JARS is a successful and very entertaining title that perfectly combines strategy, tower defense mechanics and a pinch of puzzle game.

Even with a very simple purpose, that is to break all the jars in the level, the title will be able to test our adaptation skills, thanks to the randomness factor that makes up the entire game.

The Hero mode helps to increase its longevity while the customization of our Minions the strategic depth of the title.

Recommended for anyone who wants to relax even putting themselves to the test.