it will be possible to repair or improve your console, all components will be available for purchase!

Steam Deck is undoubtedly a name that you cannot but know by now. This is the fantastic new portable console by Valve, which in reality is proposed as a miniature PC.

Thanks to this console that runs on the Linux operating system, it will be possible for those who buy it to access many of the titles on Steam in the comfort of a portable console, so you can play even on the go. Currently we are talking about over 2300 compatible games already, a really huge number!

And as if all this weren’t enough, Valve has worked hard to make it really performant, making many players fall in love! Well, if you too are one of these then today’s news might interest you: yesAppi that you will be able to repair your Steam Deck in case you find any faults. The how is very simple and you just have to stay with us to find out and not miss any details.

Steam Deck: iFixit will sell all spare parts!

As you well know Steam Deck it is a console that is as useful and pleasant to use as it is complex. Just think that it simulates a real PC with extremely small dimensions. The components are varied and as you can imagine it is not so rare that something stops working, as it often happens even with real PCs.

A few hiccups are more than understandable but since it is a very expensive console, it would be a shame not to be able to use it completely for a small malfunctioning component. Precisely for this reason Valve has thought of everything!

Know that in case your console stops working, you can easily try to trace the origin of the problem and repair it thus saving a lot of money! To be precise, the well-known iFixit site we had already told you about previously will take care of selling all the official spare parts.

Steam Deck

When we say everyone, we really mean everyone! You can find the complete list here on The Verge and as you can see for yourself almost nothing is missing: you can even buy the motherboard as well as the beating heart of Steam Deck.

Of course, prices are already present and as you can see for yourself they are not all cheap, the motherboard is marked with a cost of 350 euros. Maybe it will seem like a lot, but it is still the main component of the console and if it were to be the only damaged component it is certainly much better to buy that than having to buy the whole console back!

Devil May Cry 5 Steam Deck

However, what we want you to notice doesn’t end there. In fact, you can not only repair Steam Deck but also make some replacements to improve its performance in a totally do-it-yourself way. For example, you can decide to apply an anti-glare screen even on models other than the 512 GB one, or replace the ordinary fan with a quieter Huaying.

In short, the possibilities are certainly not lacking. Unfortunately there are no spare parts for SSD and battery at the moment, but what about the latter iFixit has already announced a solution in the works and we can’t wait to discover it. Also because given the portable nature of the console, the battery is easily subject to wear and tear.

Steam Deck Gameplay

However, as always, we recommend that you only get hold of your Steam Deck if you are quite sure of what you are doing. Working with consoles is never easy, especially if they are portable, so in case you are not practical we recommend that you consult a professional.

Obviously we will keep you updated on all the news and for the moment there is nothing left to do but give you an appointment at the next article, renewing our constant commitment to always guarantee you the best news available online!