Is Starfield vs No Man’s Sky absurd? then get Forza Motorsport vs Alaskan Truck Simulator!

The advent of Starfield shown at the close of the Showcase Xbox & Bethesda has generated in some users a strange feeling of already seen, pushing many to approach the new space adventure of Bethesda with another space title available on the market for some time already or No Man’s Sky.

IGN caught the ball and given the situation that has arisen, he has therefore seen fit to make a video comparison between Starfield and No Man’s Sky publishing everything on your account Twitter. And it is thanks to the success that this video has generated (for the number of views and related discussions) that subsequently the well-known insider Tom Henderson wanted to trace the media hype of this decidedly risky video by publishing another comparison also in this rather improper case, between Forza Motorsport and… Alaskan Truck Simulator!

Is Starfield vs No Man’s Sky an absurd comparison? you haven’t seen anything yet!

The video that you can see in the tweet that follows is obviously a mockery of the forced confrontation of the game Bethesda is that of Hello Games proposing another decidedly more absurd comparison with the clear intention of replicating the chaos generated by IGN. All accompanied by the same presentation text with only the names of the games replaced:

“Forza Motorsport gameplay was finally revealed and fans immediately started making comparisons with another simulation: Alaskan Truck Simulator. Let’s see them side by side! “

As we can obviously notice although there are some contact points between Forza Motorsport And Alaskan Truck Simulator (we drive vehicles ed), the different types and weather conditions as well as natural settings with trees and rocks against those of the circuits of Force are the same differences that the absurd comparison between Starfield And No Man’s Sky highlights.

Obviously the sense of the video is a bit like make fun of the comparison made by IGN for two games that offer totally different structures and assets as well as productions of different levels. The video, however, had a great success on social networks even if in reality many have lashed out against the bizarre comparison made.

We remind you that Starfield is expected for 2023probably within the first 3 months of the new year.