Is Silent Hill developed by Hideo Kojima?

Fans have noticed a strange similarity between the images that ended up on the net …

In this day silent Hill is back again to be talked about on the web, due to a new round of rumors shared by Dusk Golemone of the most reliable and reliable insiders when it comes to projects under development at Capcom And Konami.

And thanks to the new and impressive leak by the insider we also find a whole series of imagestaken directly from the initial state of development, in fact coming directly from the month of October of the now not exactly close 2020.

And just one of them images has caught the attention of fans during this hot Sunday in mid-May, as some of them have noticed some similarity between the lass that you can see in the foreground in this stolen shot of the new chapter of silent Hill and an actress who instead is present in a tweet, published by Hideo Kojimanow a few months ago.

Is Hideo Kojima really involved in the development of the new Silent Hill chapter?

And according to this new theory born from a specific slice of the community, the two girls mentioned above would actually be the same personsomething that would therefore also bring into question the father among others in the saga of Metal Gear Solid.

According to this new rumor then the actress engaged in a session of motion capture at the studios of Kojima Productionsduring the month of November 2021he was actually working on the new chapter of silent Hillobviously directed in great secrecy by Hideo Kojima.

Before leaving you to compare the images in question, we specify how at the moment it is exclusively a theory of fans, so it may not correspond at all to the reality of the facts, with the similarity between the two girls that would be then just random.

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