Is Returnal Coming to PC? Clues are popping up on SteamDB!

A page of a game codenamed “Oregon” has appeared.

According to the rumors that are popping up strongly on the net, Returnal would by now be about to be coming up too PC, obviously through a dedicated version. In fact, as reported by many users on the ResetEra forum, on SteamDB a page dedicated to a game with the code name “Oregon“.

Returnal seems to be coming to PC

And taking an in-depth look at the page in question, you can see a whole series of references to the exclusivity PlayStation 5 from Housemarque Games. In fact, by going directly to the section “History”Of this page, you can find all these details that strongly refer to the mind Returnal:

  • Atropos, the planet that is the background to the events told by the game
  • Co-Op, in recent weeks the title has welcomed a new game mode that has included none other than the online multiplayer cooperative
  • Daily Challenge, challenges present in the exclusive PS5
  • Tower of Sisyphus, the Tower of Sisyphus introduced in Returnal through the update we talked about a little above in this article

Instead, as regards the tags it is possible to see terms that strongly lead back to the work of Housmarque Games:

  • Third-Person Shoot
  • Sci-Fi
  • Rogue-like
  • Shooter
  • Female Protagonist
  • Third Person

Waiting for additional information on this new and interesting indiscretion, we remind you that Returnal catapult players in the middle of an emergency landing on an ever-changing alien planet, with the title protagonist, Selenewhich at that point is called to fight with all energy to survive.

And when she is defeated, each time she is forced to restart her journey from the beginning.

In this roguelike shooter, the planet and your gear change with each new cycle, forcing you to adapt your play style and face ever-changing challenges.