Is Retribution Coming to PlayStation Plus?

The recent classification of the title for PlayStation 4 and 5 certainly leaves him thinking

The catalog of PlayStation Plus may soon welcome too Resistance: Retributionin version PlayStation 4 And PlayStatation 5according to the recent classification that has affected the title for the two aforementioned consoles in South Korea. Being official classification bodies, therefore, the arrival of the game is almost certain and probably very close.

Resistance: Retribution will breathe new life into a long-forgotten portability title

In fact, the game was originally launched back in 2009 on PlayStation Portablethe portable console of Sony now out of production – a valid way to recover a title that would otherwise have been difficult to find. Whether the game will come with minor changes or a full remake is not known yet.

No doubt Resistance: Retribution it will add to the titles already announced as part of the service catalogs PlayStation Plus Extra And Premiumand it will probably not be the last title to enrich the offer of the most exclusive subscriptions in the videogame panorama Sony.

The game was warmly received in its time, although not as a masterpiece. Resistance: Retribution it is a game with a good technical sector, a good longevity, a high but not excessive level of challenge and lent itself well to the game structure in portability – a structure that, however, in this new incarnation of the title will be lacking. The game takes place a few days after the events of the original title, Resistance: Fall of Manand puts us in the shoes of James Graysona British Marine who wants to take revenge on Chimerathe aliens who invaded the earth bringing humanity to the brink of extinction.

Many gamers recently have had several reasons to complain about Sonystarting with the plans (later withdrawn) to make the subscription pay more expensive a PlayStation Plus to those who, foresight, have accumulated months before the price change. Others complain instead of the poverty of the game library offered by the service, and this Resistance: Retribution is undoubtedly one of the games that will aim to silence these latest complaints. Of course this title alone will not be able to do it, but if combined with a good amount of other games it could have the desired effect.

Obviously when Sony will decide to announce new games to be added to the catalog offered by PlayStation Plus Extra And Premium we will come back here immediately to tell you about it on our pages, so as to keep you informed at best. So continue to follow us and keep us company, and don’t forget to stop in the space dedicated to comments to let us know what you think of all this.